The Smart ICO protocol will reduce risks exponentially and will increase the return on investment in ICO

Eliminates ICO investors from scam projectsReturns up to 95% of funds invested in unrealized projectsSimplifies the choice of projects with independent investment and transfer of funds to trust managementHelps projects without initial costs and for a small fraction of the cost to attract funding
Buy tokens 35% cheaper than using ICO
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Investors risk losing more than
$3 billion without using the Smart ICO protocol in 2017.

95% of ICO projects are SCAM (that is, fraudulent).

95% of ICO projects are SCAM (that is, fraudulent)

95% of ICO projects are SCAM (that is, fraudulent).

9 out of 10 venture investments end with a loss of money.

How does the Smart ICO protocol work?

Investors' money comes to the project through a Smart contract after completing the stage in the roadmap. The fulfillment of the stage is confirmed by the voting of investors
(or by those to whom investors have transferred the right to vote).

Read more in white papper about the Smart ICO prototype
Project stages

Investors' voting for the issuance of project funds

InvestorInvestors 'fundsDAO project fundProject stages1st stage of project2nd stage of the project3rd stage of the projectN stage of the project
Smart ICO

What is a PLT token?

Plate Token (PLT) is the local currency of ICOPlate.

- Users can purchase commercial services of the ICOPlate platform using PLT

- PLT is used to keep part of the funds raised by projects


The fund of each project in the Smart ICO protocol consists of a cryptocurrency in the following ratio:

  • 20% is kept in Plate Token (PLT)
  • Up to 30% is kept in cryptocurrencies
  • At least 50% is kept in cryptocurrencies, secured with fiat and gold (for example, Tether, etc.)
Plate Token (PLT) is not a share or security.Plate Token (PLT) is not a share or security.The emission of Plate Token (PLT) is strictly limited to blockchain technology. After the end of the crowdsdale, new tokens can not be released.The emission of Plate Token (PLT) is strictly limited to blockchain technology.
After the end of the crowdsdale, new tokens can not be released.
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The PLT token is predicted to be in constant demand from the Smart ICO protocol

The PLT token is predicted to be in constant demand from the Smart ICO protocolInvestorInvestors 'fundsDAO project fundpltPurchase of PLT on the exchangeSale of PLT on the exchangeFund for the next stage of the project123N
Smart ICO
Smart ICOSmart icoSmart ICO Protocol, when forming the fund for the storage of project funds, through the exchange exchanges 20% of the funds raised by the projects for PLT.Smart icoThe more funds are invested in projects through the ICOplate platform, the greater the demand for smart tokens from the Smart ICO protocol.
Graph of the forecasted demand for PLT tokens from the Smart ICO protocol.
The volume of tokens redeemed from the exchange.
Smart ICO
$10 bln.
$8 bln.
$6 bln.
$4 bln.
$2 bln.
2019 2020 2021

The additional demand for PLT tokens is predicted immediately after the stock exchange

Smart ico
ICOplate will redeem PLT tokens from the exchange to form reserves of the Smart ICO protocol

After the release of the token on the exchange, ICOplate will begin to create a reserve of PLT tokens for the Smart ICO protocol, so that there will not be a moonshot in demand when conducting first crowdsales on the platform

Smart ico
A large-scale advertising campaign for the ICOplate platform will also attract potential buyers of PLT tokens.

By the time the PLT token is released to the exchange, more than 100 projects are projected to be placed on the marketplace and ICOplate will conduct a large-scale advertising campaign to attract tokens buyers.

Buy tokens 35% cheaper than using ICOSign up for pre-ICO nowPre-ICO starts on April 12

What does the ICOplate platform include?

Smart ico
  • Marketplace (website + mobile app)
  • Content + user remuneration system
  • Issue of tokens by projects + investment in ICO (Smart ICO protocol)
  • Purchase and sale of tokens (DEX exchange)
  • PAMM-accounts for investing in ICO (by transferring funds to trust management)

The main advantages of the ICOplate platform

Investor Benefits
Smart ico

You can invest in projects with less risk and greater profitability

Smart ico

It is convenient to independently analyze, select and invest in projects, and also transfer funds to trust management professionals

Projects Benefits
Smart ico

Without initial costs and for a small fraction of the cost to attract funding than with independent ICO conducting

Smart ico

They can check and improve the idea of the project simply, find contractors, attract experts and smart money

Buy tokens 35% cheaper than using ICOSign up for pre-ICO nowPre-ICO starts on April 12

Conditions of pre-ICO and ICO.

Smart icoBuy tokens 35% cheaper than using ICOYou can buy PLT forETHSign up for pre-ICO now
April 12 2018April 27 2018
1 PLT = 0.000065 ETH1 PLT = 0.00008 ETH
July 1 2018July 14 2018
1 PLT = 0.000085ETH1 PLT = 0.0001ETH

Clear and simple business ICOplate model.


Monetization of the project - 5% - is a commission from the funds raised by the projects through the ICO on the platform.

$ 245million revenue per year
PROPOSED INDICATORSThe volume of the ICO market is$ 49 billionThe market share is10 %Commission 5 %

Paid services for projects and investors

$ 43millionrevenue per year
PROPOSED INDICATORSThe volume of the ICO market is$ 8,7 billionThe market share is10 %Commission5 %

Roadmap of the project

Scroll to the right to view the history

4th quarter of 2017Pre-ICO conducting. Alpha version of the marketplace.
1stquarter 2018ICO conducting.Beginning of the placement of ICO and pre-ICO projects on the marketplace (without the SMART ICO functional).
2ndquarter 2018Development of landing for registration of investors on the marketplaceThe launch of the marketing campaign for investorsPLT token floatationAdding information about all projects that currently conduct ICO or pre-ICO to the platform (in manual mode).Development of landing for registration of projects on the marketplaceThe launch of a marketing campaign for projectsDevelopment and addition of discussion and voting functionality for projects on the marketplace (Disscussion&Voiting phase before pre-ICO). Implementing a mailout about the new ICO for subscribing investors.The launch of and "Bring your project to ICO" talk show, where 10 teams will prepare their projects for ICO using ICOplate.
3rdquarter 2018Adding a section with experts and services to the marketplace, the beginning of its filling.Adding functionality to evaluate user comments by other users. Connection of paid functions for projects (premium placement). The release of the first mobile application for iOS and AndroidTesting of the SMART ICO protocolSMART ICO protocol audition
4thquarter 2018Integration with a third-party exchangeImplementation of the SMART ICO protocol, which accepts funds in ETH.Release of a rich mobile marketplace application for ICO investors
1stquarter 2019Implementation of own solution for accepting investments in fiat currenciesAdding of the opportunity to invest in BTC and several other popular cryptocurrencies in SMART ICO.
2ndquarter 2019Launching of own decentralized exchange for buying / selling ICO tokens and cryptocurrency
3rdquarter 2019Launching of the platform for creating PAMM-accounts, investing in ICO

Watch the video about Smart ICO protocol

Smart ico
Smart ico

Выступление команды ICO PLATE на конференции BLOCKCHAIN COMPETITION в Швейцари

Smart ico

Выступление команды ICO PLATE на конференции BLOCKCHAIN COMPETITION в Швейцари

Smart ico

Выступление команды ICO PLATE на конференции BLOCKCHAIN COMPETITION в Швейцари

Smart ico

Выступление команды ICO PLATE на конференции BLOCKCHAIN COMPETITION в Швейцари

See the code on GitHub

function approveKeyPoint(bool approval)








KeyPointState storage state = getCurrentKeyPointState();

require(getTime() < state.votingEndTime);

state.approvalState[msg.sender] = approval ? ApprovalState.Approval :






function executeKeyPoint()





KeyPointState storage state = getCurrentKeyPointState();


require(getTime() >= state.votingEndTime);

state.processed = true;

state.success = isKeyPointApproved();

KeyPointResolved(m_keyPointState.length - 1, state.success);

if (state.success) {


if (m_keyPointState.length < m_keyPoints.length)




function refund()






uint numerator = m_token.balanceOf(msg.sender);

uint denominator = m_token.totalSupply();

assert(numerator<= denominator);

m_token.burnFrom(msg.sender, m_token.balanceOf(msg.sender));

m_vault.refund(msg.sender, numerator, denominator);


function delegate(address to)








require(m_token.balanceOf(to) >0);

// finding final delegate in the chain

addressdelegate = getDelegate(to);

// breaking loops

require(delegate != msg.sender);

// transfer accumulated

DelegateState storage senderDelegateState =


uint senderTotalVotes =


senderDelegateState.votesAccumulated = 0;

getDelegateState(delegate).votesAccumulated =


addVotingTokens(delegate, senderTotalVotes);

// mark sender as a delegator

getDelegatorState(msg.sender).delegate = delegate;


The nearest events, where you can meet with our representatives.

We are actively involved in all local and international exhibitions, conferences and meetings in the fintech and the blockchain industry.

  • 21-22Fintech World Forum/London, UK
  • 22Blockchain Competition/Zug, Switzerland
  • 28Blockchain Summit/London, UK
  • 29-30BlockShow Asia/Singapore
  • 29-30Blockchain Expo / Santa Clara, U.S.
  • 29-30Inside Fintech Conference & Expo / Seoul, South Korea
  • 2Sustainable Crypto Investing /Milan, Italy
  • 9-12Ljubljana /Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 9-12CES Las Vegas/Las Vegas, U.S.
  • 15-19Blockchain Cruise Asia /Barcelona, Spain
  • 17-19The North American Bitcoin Conference/Miami, Florida
  • 19-21CoinAgenda Global /San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • 20-23CryptoEconomy / ICO San Francisco/San Francisco, U.S.
  • 25-26CryptoEconomy / ICO London/London, U.K.
  • 27-30Cayman Islands/Cayman Islands
  • 5-8Satoshi Roundtable/Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • 15-18Silicon Valley /Silicon Valley, U.S.
  • 13-15Money 20/20 Asia/Singapore
  • 23-24CryptoEconomy / ICO Mumbai /Mumbai, India
  • 26-27CryptoEconomy / ICO Singapore /Singapore
  • 30CryptoEconomy / ICO Sydney/Sydney, Australia
  • 24-25World Blockchain & Bitcoin (BCB-2018)/Toronto, Canada
  • 4-6Money 20/20 Europe/Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2-3CryptoEconomy / ICO Toronto /Toronto, Canada
  • 5-6CryptoEconomy / ICO London/London, UK
  • 16-18CryptoEconomy / ICO Barcelona /Barcelona, Spain
Buy tokens 35% cheaper than using ICOSign up for pre-ICO nowPre-ICO starts on April 12

ICOplate Top Management

Andrey Granovsky
Andrey GranovskyFounder, CEO

Entrepreneur, ICO investor, founder of the leading online real estate platform (over 500,000 customers and 50+ employees). He has been obsessed with technology since early childhood. He hates scam and closeness in any form.

He sees the meaning of his life in the implementation of blockchain in everyday life and in the financial system

He graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University (computer methods in physics, quantum mechanics) and the Higher Business School of Moscow State University (international business, the thesis "development of a model for selection and development of start-ups by venture funds").

Oleg Sharpaty
Oleg SharpatyCo-founder. Business development.

An entrepreneur, ICO investor. Main areas: Fintech, Internet Platforms. He visited 109 countries, made 3 round-the-world trips. He created the company that was the first in the world to organize a round-the-world trip for groups of 50 entrepreneurs and investors from 5 continents. He carried out investment transactions in BDO and VEB Capital. He is a lawyer by education, a diploma with honors in MGUU. Brings international experience of combining investors and talented projects from around the world. Obsessed with the idea that the blockchain will increase opportunities for everyone.

Rodion Nikiforov
Rodion NikiforovWeb Development Manager.

Entrepreneur, founder of the web studio "Giperion". Expert in the field of creating web platforms, experience more than 7 years. More than 70 successfully implemented projects.

Defended with honors the master's thesis at the Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University named after R.E. Alekssev.

Daria Dane
Daria DaneMarketing director

Expert in the attraction of online traffic with a 5-year experience. 500+ successfully implemented projects. Speaker of specialized seminars and conferences. Creator of author's courses on traffic, 1000+ students. The founder of the advertising agency "Ultra Marketing".

Ibrahim Tletseri
Ibrahim TletseriArt director

The founder of the design studio "Affetta", has ten years of experience in web design and UX / UI.

He has experience in developing design and friendly user interfaces for top marketplace applications and mobile applications.

Maria Zhirkova
Maria ZhirkovaSales Director

Head of the Community and Bounty Department ICOplate, speaker at conferences on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Managerial experience as a sales director in a company with a staff of 50+. Certified business trainer, founder of the training center "Coach4Biz" - conducted 227 trainings on sales, public speaking and personnel management.

Graduated from Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University with two diplomas with honors.

Andrey Konovalchukov
Andrey KonovalchukovHead of the translation department

Founder of "SmartSova" translation agency, polyglot (speaks more than 5 languages). There are no languages and markets for him for which he is unable to adapt the product and platform.

Savelia Akhmedova
Savelia AkhmedovaHead of ICO Research market

Ex CEO IT of the «Level Up Solutions» company. She writes a thesis at the MSU Graduate School of Business Administration in which she develops a methodology for analyzing the investment attractiveness of ICO projects.

Sergey Sanin
Sergey SaninHead of video production

Editor. Best film editor in 2015 according to the cinerate version. He edited more than 40 film series. He built and launched a technology complex for several television series. The lecturer of the "Montage" course, the trainer on the scenario craft.

Arthur Potemkin
Arthur PotemkinHR Director

Founder of the consulting company, of the online testing service of applicants "HR-Scanner".

He selected and gave a job to more than 1000 employees of online companies.

He helped a large number of company promoters with the selection of productive employees and with withdrawal from the operational management.

Sergey Nosov
Sergey NosovICO consultant

Founder and CEO of the consulting company ALL4ICO. Previously, he worked for Gazprom Telecom and Zarubezhneft. Experience in the IT industry - over 12 years, the experience of managing IT-divisions - 9 years. Managed more than 20 corporate IT projects.

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