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Buy ICOs projects tokens you need in one click with less risks up to 99%

All W-tokens are backed by funds of token buyers. All these funds are locked in a smart contract according to project road map and milestones


No scam

All funds received from the sale of W-tokens are frozen in a smart contracts and the project gets access to them only by executing the milestones from the road map. This model is not suites to scam projects that want to get all the raised funds immediately.


All W-tokens are backed by funds of token buyers. In time of each milestone of projects road map you can vote and return unspent amount of funds, sending W-tokens instead. You can also exchange W-token to a simple ICO project token you need through W12 token-changer anytime and sell it on listed exchanges.


All W-tokens in circulation always match our reserves of simple ICOs tokens. We provide an open source code, so you can always use etherscan or any other tools to check correlation of W-tokens to simple ICOs projects tokens. Our reserve holdings are also will be published daily and subject to frequent professional audits.

Rating W12

w12trackico.io4.4 of 5
w12foundico.com8.6 of 10
w12icobench.com4.1 of 5
w12foxico.io7.5 of 10
w12icolink.com4.93 of 5

Issue your W-token right
now and attract funds to your project!

Fully automated

All smart contracts on the W12 platform are fully automated. The deployment of a smart contract and the release of a new token do not require from the project any special technical knowledge.

No initial costs

Fundraising for project through backed W-tokens has no initial costs. The consumption of W12 token as a fuel of whole W12 ecosystem will be the less the more W12 token are used in reserve of each backed token.

Any source of funds

Projects can issue a W-tokens for a full fundraising or use it as additional source of fundsand attract the remaining funds in any other way. No matter what the project chooses, the amount of W-tokens are always equal the amount of simple projects tokens in our reserve.


How it works

W-token is a ICOs project token backed by funds of token buyer. Amount of W-tokens are always equal the amount of simple projects tokens in W12 reserve. W-tokens are only available at

To sell ICO project tokens on the listed exchange — you just send the W-token to the W12 token-changer and get back the simple ICO token

To get the backed amount — you can vote on any of the milestones and return the unspent amount of the funds according to the project's road map sending W-tokens instead.


What problems we solve

  • Scams
  • ICO simple tokens price drops less then ICO price level

According to statistics, 81% of ICO projects are scams. Only 3.8% of all ICO projects are successful. Drawing a parallel with the ICO market size, it is more than 4 billion dollars of lost funds that could be invested in growing projects.


W12 token

  • W12 tokens - is a fuel in W12 ecosystem and also used in reserve of each W-tokens.
  • The more W12 tokens are used in reserve - the less consumption of fuel in W-tokes generation.
  • Therefore, the more W-tokens will be issued, the more demand it will create to W12 token from open market
purchase w12-tokens
Comparison of historical values

Specify the amount and date of investments in order to see the profit of top 10 ICO projects on or before March 1, 2018

Initial investments

ICO date: 28.09.2013


ICO date: 25.11.2015


ICO date: 01.10.2015


ICO date: 22.07.2014


ICO date: 20.11.2016


ICO date: 20.06.2016


ICO date: 07.11.2016


ICO date: 01.10.2015


ICO date: 01.03.2016


ICO date: 12.03.2017

Calculation of value

Creating the future

Creating the technology for tokenisation of every project on Earth we create environment full of transparency, liquidity and decentralised capital for hundreds of thousands of projects that could build products and new disruptive technologies with additional value.

Launch a blockchain start up
Make a fundraising for real estate development
Create a green environmental infrastructure project
Road map of the project
Quarter IV, 2017
  • Customer development, market research and project development
  • Team meeting
  • Platform architecture development
  • Terms of Reference development and starting the marketplace development
Quarter I, 2018
  • The alpha version of the W12 marketplace
  • Terms of Reference development and the W12 blockchain protocol prototype development
  • +100 projects will be added to the W12 marketplace
  • Creation of project rating system
  • Creation of token buyer training scheme
  • Creation of landing page for implementing the W12 crowdsale
  • Company registration in Singapore
  • Start creating the project community
Quarter II, 2018
  • Registering the W12 token buyers as White List participants
  • Launching advertising and PR campaigns of marketplace and W12 token sale.
  • Implementing the Pre-sale of W12 tokens
  • Development of the W12 blockchain protocol for issuance and sale of project tokens (with a phased disbursement of funds):
    • smart card templates for issuing tokens by projects
    • DAO project fund with the possibility of voting by the token buyers
    • web interface on W12 marketplace for projects to fill in the parameters of their crowdsale
    • confirmation blockchain transations service (BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, ETC)
  • Testing of W12 marketplace.
  • Start of assigning a project rating by the platform users
  • Adding new features to the marketplace (Sandbox functionality, services and experts sections, bounty cabinet, further development of the Personal office)
  • Creation and A/B testing of high-converting landing pages for token buyers and project registration on the platform
  • Adding at least 300 projects to the marketplace
Quarter III, 2018
  • Launching and conducting W12 crowdsale
  • Listing the tokens on exchanges
  • The W12 protocol additional features development:
    • for selling tokens issued by projects outside the platform
    • adding more cryptocurrencies to be used to buy project tokens
    • automation tool to deploy smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain
  • Testing of the W12 blockchain protocol
  • Audit of the W12 blockchain protocol
  • Audit of the W12 platform security system
  • Developing additional functionality of W12 marketplace, adding pay services for projects
  • Start of developing mobile marketplace application on Android and iOS
  • Launching the beta version of W12 marketplace
  • Advertising and PR campaigns of W12 marketplace
  • Architecture development and Terms of Reference development for an exchange
  • Partner agreements with private experts and rating agencies for scoring the platform projects
Quarter IV, 2018
  • Launching the development of an exchange to provide liquidity and free token listing for the projects having completed the ICO on the W12 platform
  • The first version of mobile marketplace application on Android and iOS
  • Launching a fully functional W12 blockchain protocol
  • Launching a service for buying ETH for fiat currencies (to further buy project tokens for ETH)
  • Advertising and PR campaigns of marketplace and mobile application
Quarters I and II, 2019
  • Organization of the series of conferences and events all over the world to attract token buyers and projects
  • Launching a service for buying major cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies
  • Ongoing development of the exchange and PAMM accounts, adding new functions to the marketplace and the mobile application
  • Launching a scoring system providing the expert’s voting power being determined by the results of his projections and the real increase in the price of the token
  • Testing of mobile W12 marketplace applications
  • Mobile application security audit
  • Release of a full-featured mobile marketplace application
  • Signing partner agreements with cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Advertising and PR campaigns of marketplace and mobile application
Quarter III, 2019
  • Launching own stock exchange and a platform for creating PAMM accounts (transfer of funds to trust management)
  • Organizing a series of world-wide conferences and events to attract buyers of tokens and projects to the platform
  • Advertising and PR campaign of the marketplace, the mobile application, the stock exchange, and PAMM accounts
Our team
Oleg Sharpatiy
CVO & Founder
Andrey Granovskiy
CEO & Founder
Michael Korneev
David Kuhl
Business Development Director, Zürich, Switzerland
Aleksandr Tikhonov
Head of marketing
Ibrahim Tletseri
Art director
Nelly Pankovichenko
IR and business development
Margarita Trifonova
Head of ICO projects department.
Maria Zhirkova
Head of Sales
Savilya Akhmedova
Business development
Artur Potemkin
HR specialist
Rodion Nikiforov
IT specialist
Andrey Konovalchukov
Head of the translation department
Our advisors
Anders Larsson
Blockchain & Tehnical Advisor (Vice President of Ericsson. Included in the world's top 5 blockchain advisors)
Joakim Holmer
Marketing, branding & Business development Advisor (AllcoinWiki founder. Ex Ericsson top executive)
Aleksey Akimov
Trading & Crypto exchange adviser (Founder of Asgard private fund, сryptocurrency trader, ICO investor)
Our partners
W12 token distribution
Token price:

1 W12 = 0,000015 ETH. Discounts apply depending on the date of purchase.

Accepted forms of payment:


Token transfer:

W12 tokens will be transferred to customers through a smart contract immediately after receiving a confirmation of payment.

Token emission:

Limited to 10 billion tokens. Neither mining, nor any other method that allows for an increase in the number of W12 tokens can be applied.

Hard Cap:

Hard cap is set in the number of tokens on each round of the token sale


500 million tokens ( 5000 ETH - 6000 ETH)

Crowd sale:

2000 million tokens (25500 ETH – 30000 ETH)


All token sale rounds start at 12:00 UTC+0.



May 4, 2018

End date:

June 15, 2018



Token price:

0,00001 ETH-0,000012 ETH

Hard cap:

500 million W12 tokens

Amount of fees:

5000 ETH - 6000 ETH (depending on the discount)



July 1, 2018

End date:

July 31, 2018



Token price:

0,00001275 ETH-0,000015 ETH

Hard cap:

2000 million W12 tokens

Amount of fees:

25500 ETH – 30000 ETH (depending on the discount)

At the Pre-Sale and Crowdsale stages, the purchase price of a token is uniformly increased every day and corresponds to the discount amount at the beginning and end of a stage. W12 reserves the right to offer a reduced price for the W12 token to long-term institutional and strategic token buyers.

Token Sale


From October 1, 2018

Every day a smart contract will produce and sell 3,500,000 tokens (0.035% of the total issue) for 1000 days. Token value at the Token Sale will be determined using the formula Price = K / 3.500.000, where K = the number of funds transferred to a smart contract per day. Token Sale is conducted to ensure that the W12 platform and the W12 blockchain protocol function correctly, so as to exclude a situation when there are no W12 token sellers, a token’s value rises to infinity, or when the maximum number of private investors are attracted to the platform.

Current distribution volume
Alpha version and product website

The W12 platform is being actively developed, a code is available for viewing it on the official GitHub website of the company.

Very soon, projects will be able to introduce their token on the platform, conduct a fully automated ICO and attract funds at no cost and without any special technical expertise.

News and publications
March 28, 2018
New Study: 80% of ICOs are Scams, Only 8% Reach an Exchange
February 19, 2018
Don’t believe the hype. The five largest “ICO exit scams”: Expert Take
January 15, 2018
Explanation of DAICOs
December 21, 2017
mass media
From Gibraltar to Australia: How Countries Approach ICOs
Where can you find our representatives?
03/03/2018 - 03/06/2018
d10e Seoul
Event location: Seoul
Event link
DC Blockchain Summit 2018
Event location: Washington D.C.
Event link
Crypto Investor Show 2018
Event location: London.
Event link
03/13/2018 – 03/15/2018
Money 20/20 Asia
Event location: Singapore.
Event link
03/15/2018 – 03/16/2018
Token Fest
Event location: San Francisco.
Event link
03/27/2018 - 03/28/2018
Event location: Moscow.
Event link
Deconomy 2018
Event location: Seoul.
Event link
04/17/2018 – 04/19/2018
Event location: Las Vegas.
Event link
Global Blockchain Summit
Event location: Denver.
Event link
04/23/2018 -04/24/2018
CryptoEconomy / ICO Mumbai
Event location: Mumbai.
Event link
d10e Astana
Event location: Astana.
Event link
06/27/2018 - 06/28.2018
Blockchain Expo
Event location: Amsterdam.
Event link
What are the key advantages of the W12 technology?

W12 technology offers the possibility to increase profit from investments to ICO and projects at early stages on average tenfold and even more.

How is an increase in ROI achieved?

W12 offers the possibility to purchase tokens at the stage of ICO with total control of spending the project funds on the part of investors. If the works of the project team are performed not according to the road map or if the team’s hypothesis did not work out the way it was expected to, investors may return unused funds and reinvest them in the other project expecting to get more profit. Therefore, purchase of tokens according to this model will produce total income on average 10 times more than without application of this technology. Detailed calculations are given in White paper.

What makes W12 advantageous for teams and projects?

W12 enables the teams to raise funds for implementation of the project without expenses and initial technical expertise. When keeping the funds raised in W12 tokens, the platform charge will be 0% during implementation of the project stages. To launch ICO and raise funds it is not necessary to create smart contracts, invite expensive consultants and use marketing policy, as all required functions are automated on the platform. Placing the project in W12 the team can focus on the only important task important – creation of the product.

Who stores all the funds raised by a project?

All funds raised by the project under token sale are kept in a wallet of the project team. Although the team has no access to these funds until implementation of all declared stages in the road map.

Can a project sell its tokens on the W12 platform without using the phased disbursement of funds featureCan the project sell its tokens on W12 without the function of stage-wise issue of funds?

Yes, the project can organize ICO and sell its tokens on W12 without stage-wise issue of funds, and the official description of the project will contain a note for investors stating that this function is not used. The projects which organize token sale with stage-wise issue of funds according to the road map have higher rating, higher reliability for investors and are far more likely to raise the necessary amount.

Can projects attract funds and sell their tokens during an ICO on a platform other than W12?

Yes. W12 does not limit possibilities of the projects to sell tokens in outside resources, and all tokens placed on W12 will be sold in strict compliance with the platform rules.

When is the W12 token introduction on the exchange planned for?

W12 token is planned to enter the exchange upon completion of Crowd sale and until August 01, 2018.

How is the liquidity of the tokens of the projects attracting funds through the use of the W12 platform going to be ensured?

W12 road map entails creation of own exchange which provides automatic liquidity of tokens of all projects on the platform upon completion of the token sale stage. Also W12 is planning to keep partnership with the largest cryptocurrency exchanges for the purposes of automated addition of the platform projects and ensuring of the maximum possible liquidity of tokens.

What kinds of projects can funds be raised for through the use of the W12 platform

First of all, W12 platform is focused on development of technology companies. And the possibilities of the platform go far beyond the limits of this field. Using W12 it is possible to implement any project, from a startup for development of artificial intelligence, enhancement of neuron networks and assets tokenization to construction of houses, plants, mining farms, roads, opening restaurants, charitable and environmental projects and many others. W12 technology is extremely convenient in all cases where it is possible to attract many investors from different geographic locations and subject to total control of funds allocated to the project team and maximum liquidity of investments in the form of tokens of each project.

Is it planned to sell on W12 the tokens granting the interest in each placed project?

Yes, in the course of development of legislation system it is planned to sell such tokens on W12 upon fulfillment by the project of all necessary procedures established by the regulatory authority. Currently tokens of the placed projects are utility and may be used within an ecosystem of each project. However, further on we expect that the projects will issue a special type of tokens which can be exchanged to the project shares 1 to 1 upon completion of the stages of its implementation.

How can I buy W12 tokens?

Please, fill in the form following this link in order to get detailed instructions on how to purchase bitcoin, Etherium or other permissible cryptocurrencies and take part in W12 token sale. HERE ARE MANY IMAGES from my WhatsApp. As far as I understand there is everything necessary on the page as for the content. We only have to give detailed description of the team and partners. While you make changes on the page, I will correct the content.

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